Stealth recording 2

I’ve written about stealth recording before (here) but that was planned recording missions, whereas this recording wasn’t… I stumbled across this recording in my library today & realised I hadn’t heard it in years – the creation date of the file is 4 October 1998, although that would be when I transferred the DAT so the recording would have been a week or so earlier…. What is my strongest memory of the sound was my inability to work out exactly what it was when I first heard it – I remember sitting in the lounge in this house I was renting in Melrose in Wellington and suddenly thinking what the hell is that? It sounded a bit like two babies crying, with their wails rising and falling in unison… I snuck towards the location of the sound – the backyard – and soon realised what it was, crept back to my room, grabbed my DAT recorder and 416 mic, put it in record and very stealthily crept out the back door & got as close as I could without disturbing the action.. have a listen:



4 thoughts on “Stealth recording 2

  1. Philipp

    I didnt read the text while listening to it,
    but I was really scared when the strange sounds evolved and than it got really loud.
    Woah, headphones and full volume are dangerous 😀

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