There are string players & then there are string players…

Stringraphy is a term invented by japanese composer Mizushima Kazue & refers to both the instrument and the style of playing it. According to their website: “This original instrument applies the principles of the string telephone. It is extremely
simple, consisting of silk strings with paper cups attached to both ends. The players produce sound by rubbing or plucking the strings. The silk strings are stretched tightly between supports in sets of 15 to 25, and all are tuned like stringed instruments. There are three basic sets of strings: soprano, alto and bass. They are tuned to the major or minor scale according to the piece being played. For some pieces there is an additional set of chromatic strings. The strings range in length from about 1 meter to approximately 15 meters. Once the Stringraphy is installed, it is as if the hall were transformed into a giant harp.”

Have a listen, the gestural aspect of the performance is so, so beautiful!

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