Studio Aesthetics II

Following up on a previous rant about the aesthetics of studio design; from an interview on Native Instruments site heres a couple of photos of Lumos retro-futuristic looking studio in Berlin:


methink someones been watching re-runs of 2001…

4 thoughts on “Studio Aesthetics II

  1. tim

    just on the left of the 1st shot you can see the right speaker. PMCs i think, I saw in another interview.
    Vladislav delay, great studio and music.

  2. tim

    prior to disassembling & moving i’ve been rationilising my own studio layout/monitors etc… and contextually there definitely exists 2 different requirements for monitoring:

    1. i am playing/jamming/recording/overdubbing X instrument/outboard & I just need to hear a nice diffuse rough mix…

    2. i am mixing/editing/tweaking & my stereo/quad/5.1 positioning is critical

    so far in my new studio layout I constantly have to keep reminding myself of this:
    dont try and make 1 = 2

    i am constantly reminded of scenario 1 by an old flat mate who would get 3 long guitar leads & 2 stomp boxes & chain them from the kitchen to the lounge & then play VERY FCKNG LOUD guitar, using the entire house as a Helmholtz resonator….

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