SUV Impacts library released!

VEH002 SUV IMPACTS library is now released!
33% Intro discount available until March 24th

The second library from my now completely munted Isuzu Wizard 4WD SUV, is an invaluable collection of vehicle impacts – hits, slams, scrapes & breaks.

I targeted side panels, bonnet, roof and rear as well as headlights, indicators and windows, using an axe, pick, sledgehammer, cinder block, tree trunk, heavy metal pole, rocks, stones & clods of clay.

Foots and body falls were also performed on the roof and bonnet, capturing that distinctive ‘thumpy’ car body resonance.

Finally a variety of movements were captured inside the vehicle, imagining a life threatening struggle – hitting seats, windows, interior walls & roof, as well as thrashing around in the boot.

Recording sync interior and exterior perspectives using six mics: EXTERIOR: MKH8040 pair plus MKH8050
INTERIOR: MKH8020 pair inside the vehicle (or in the engine bay for bonnet impacts) plus a LOM Geofón to capture low frequency elements.



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