Synaesthesia 002

Bali Temple

What do you hear when you look at this photo?


This photo was taken at Tanah Lot, Bali during my visit for Nyepi March 2007 – some field recordings are here – check the comments for upload info…

[audio: |titles=Synaesthesia 002]

[audio: uav.mp3 |titles=Synaesthesia 002]

[audio: |titles=Synaesthesia 002]

Lee Rosevere:
[audio: |titles=Synaesthesia 002]

14 thoughts on “Synaesthesia 002

  1. tim Post author

    Upload your music/sound to my ftp server & then add a comment below so that I know its up… I’ll then embed it in an MP3 player in this post… If you could start the filename with SY001 & your name that would make life easier too… Heres the upload details (you will need to use an ftp program like Cyberduck OSX or Filezilla PC)
    No password (just hit enter when it asks for one)
    Upload to the ‘incoming’ folder

  2. Martin

    Just uploaded a piece (think I uploaded it twice, in fact)… but to be honest I heard a Boards Of Canada track (Left Side Drive)… anyway my stuff is just a pale version of BOC. New theme is nice… much more open.

  3. Jeramiah

    hey Tim, great idea for a project! you should pick the best of each one and make a album 🙂 I really enjoy your blog ! all the best for 2010 ! cheers. Jeramiah

    1. tim Post author

      nice idea! Although the quality is so high even the first Synaethesia could be an album! I’m still thinking about the best way to preserve & present the collections but maybe its as individual albums & then one compilation of one from each… no rush, will think more about it…

  4. Dan

    I just got back from Bali this morning, so what I currently hear looking at this photo is bussloads of other tourists and frantic vendors. 🙂

    Tanah Lot is definitely a magical place though. Just wish I could be there for Nyepi, or else have it to myself for an hour or two.

    What a fabulous concept, Nyepi.


    I was/am very pleased to find this idea on your blog and have uploaded my submissions(successfully I hope). It brought out a much more minimal soundthan my more accustomed bang and noise. I look forward to more of these and wish you a very productive new year.

  6. Martin

    Submissions are really interesting. Was in Bali many years ago when I was a teenager. Wish I’d known about Gamalan ensembles back then… then again, I’d only listen to punk rock at that time.

    Really like the blog. What about not taking a visual medium as a starting point, but something else? Maybe a recipie for a dish and the resulting fragrance would be the starting point 🙂

  7. tim Post author

    nice idea Martin, although I’m keen to do a few more visual oriented based on more abstract imagery as the first two have been photos of real identifiable places… I took a photo the other day that will be perfect for number 3!

  8. Martin

    I look forward to it.

    In the interest of full disclosure I have done bits of my entry before, but the picture reminded me of that bit of audio.

  9. Lee Rosevere

    Hi Tim – great idea, found your blog from Disquiet and lots of interest things. Love the Morello video.

    I’ve just uploaded something, although I’m not sure if it worked. Will try once more…I manipulated some of your field recordings from the photo in the piece. Hope you enjoy.

    1. tim Post author

      Got it Lee, nice!
      BTW I have to manually add each new track to the post, so there may be a delay before it appears if I’m sleeping or something 😉

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