Tadao Ando Hotel on Awajishima

Decided to spend my last weekend in Japan on the island of Awajishima – its the closest Setouichi island to Osaka & Kobe… I’ve been to Awajishima a couple of times before to visit two great works by architect Tadao Ando (the Honpuku-ji Temple underneath a water lily pond and the incredibly epic Yumebutai gardens) but I was totally unaware that he had been commissioned to build a hotel on Awajishima!
It was only when I was searching on TripAdvisor for a good hotel that I discovered the Seawind Awaji hotel and instantly booked to stay there!


The hotel is built into the side of a hill overlooking the Setouichi Inland Sea and it is such a beautiful and peaceful location. Our booking included dinner & breakfast, both were excellent featuring local produce & seafood and I indulged in some local Awajishima sake too. But it was the architecture we were here for so I shot a lot of stills and got up very early on Sunday morning and flew my drone out over the sea to capture some aerial wide shots…






Exploring the hotel was such exquisite fun – the entrance is very dramatic, opening into the large rectangular space where the beautiful Setouichi horizon is revealed… The tower houses the elevator which takes you to the multi level hotel rooms, dining room and even an entertainment room with ping pong table!







For me this was a perfect way to spend my last days in Japan – the combination of Tadao Andos genius & the beautiful Setouichi inland sea is a match made in heaven and it reminded me of my first ever trip to Japan, visiting Naoshima.

The feeling you get from experiencing great architecture is hard to describe, but it is equally profound….

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