At the front of my house, there has always been this bit of unused garden… It is well sheltered from the NW winds, but the soil is clay – useless to grow anything in… so the only things that grew there were weeds… Back before the holidays I decided to convert it into a Tamarillo garden.
This photo is from November 7th, 2021 after weeks of digging clay out in my spare time…

I’ve grown Tamarillos before – the first plant grew well, taller than me, but it never fruited and eventually the gale NW winds destroyed it. The next one I grew in my greenhouse and it’s now hitting the roof in there! But I discovered an interesting aspect purely by accident: I was attempting to move the big tamarillo plant and I snapped a branch off by mistake. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I put the branch in soil, kept watering it… And within a month it was happily growing! So I now have two large tamarillo plants in my greenhouse and they have flowered, and for the first time they have fruit on them!

I snapped another branch off, again by mistake, and planted it outside the greenhouse in a root bag… And it’s been growing well, so I decided it could go in the new garden spot, and I also went to the local plant store and got three other varieties of tamarillo, and along with many 20kg bags of compost, potting mix and peat, in they went!

This photo is from November 21st, two weeks later, with four tamarillo plants and lots of sunflowers planted…

And here they are Jan 6th 2022, with two weeks growth since the previous photo

Some of the sunflowers are giants, and they claim can grow up to 4.5 metres tall…
That one on the right is a contender, already six foot tall.
Another few months of summer will reveal all!



UPDATE Jan 17th
Sunflower on the very right is now over six foot tall!



UPDATE Jan 24th



Fruit on the one in my greenhouse…



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