Taonga Pouoru

I just pre-ordered a new book: Echoes from Hawaiki: The origins and development of Māori and Moriori musical instruments by Jennifer Cattermole (Otago University Press, 2024)

“Echoes from Hawaiki is a comprehensive account of taonga pūoro ancestral musical traditions and instrument-playing techniques.

In this thoroughly researched and beautifully illustrated book, Jennifer Cattermole traces the origins and development of taonga pūoro, the stories they carry and how they connect present-day iwi with ancestral knowledge and traditions. She shows how traditional Māori and Moriori musical instruments have developed in response to available materials and evolving cultural needs, from their ancestral origins through the suppression of their use in nineteenth and early twentieth-century Aotearoa New Zealand, to their revival in the present day.”

A beautiful set of recordings too, with performances from each instrument.



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