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In the endless search for the ideal tech gear bags I have recently done a couple of upgrades…
First was via Hide Aoki who tipped me off to the Peak Design Travel Duffelpack as being a great bag for mics, stands etc… I ordered one and when it arrived at first I thought it was too small for my usual mic collection, especially my pair of MKH70s… but after actually playing with it a bit more I realised it expands, and is perfect for me!




‘Fully loaded’ in my case means the bag contains:
MKH8040 x2 with stereo bar
MKH8020 x2
MKH70 x2 (bigger than 3 Murphys!)
Manfrotto 5001B Nano stand x2
Manfrotto 156BLB Black Mini Kit Stand x4
Manfrotto tripod
plus a camera or three…
plus maybe MKH8050 & boom



When I went & recorded the beach at Totoranui recently (as above) it was painless to carry all that gear wearing it as a backpack, with my Sound Devices 788T in its Petrel Bag around my neck.






The other bag I recently acquired is a contender to be my new primary camera backpack:
CineBags CB25B Revolution Backpack

Unfortunately due to US public holidays which BHPhoto didn’t bother to mention, it arrived a day too late to take on my recent road trip…. So I only picked it up today and haven’t had much more than a quick look at it, but first impressions were very positive! Best of all, it will fit as carry-on when flying, although with the number of pockets and storage areas the weight would soon become the limiting factor. Local airlines are becoming more strict with their 7kg limits…



The Cinebag CB25 Pack has quite a large internal cavity if you remove all the dividers…
I measured max size as being 400mm x 270mm x 170mm



Monday morning at Totaranui!





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