The Conversation Purrrt 2

Cannot wait to see the sequel to Coppollas The Conversation
Harry Caul/Gene Hackman to be played by a cat having an existential crisis

actually, via @Fascinating
“This was a CIA project from the 1960s to spy on Russia. They chose a cat for the job, but they didn’t consider the fact that cats are tough to train. The cat’s job was to eavesdrop on two men in a park outside the Soviet embassy in Washington, D.C. The cat was wired up by a veterinary surgeon who implanted a microphone into the ear canal, a small radio transmitter at the base of the skull, and a battery buried in the flesh. (WTF?)
The complex project took five years to complete and consumed a whopping $20 million. The project was closed in 1967 because the cat wouldn’t obey….”







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