Due for release next week at HISSandaROAR this library has been accumulating over the last year or three – every time I rent a holiday home or travel anywhere I make a point of capturing any useful sounding doors… But it soon became apparent that I should expand the focus a bit, and so:

3 thoughts on “THE DOORS

  1. Jon Clark


    I teach in an old building, a former high school built in the 1930’s, and made the effort one Sunday to walk through and record as many doors as I could open and close. Very handy little library!

    I also spent a week in a self catering apt in Paris (Latin Quarter) with an amazing sounding solid wood 18th century door that I will never regret recording, lock, latch and slam.

    1. tim Post author

      Tax dept: “Paris? tax deductible? WTF?”
      Jon: “Let me send you the recordings – they are so great!!”
      Tax dept: “well played, ok….”

      1. Jon Clark

        I carried my recording gear into Canada once and found out on the plane to Calgary that the company hadn’t filed for the proper permits to work and I should just say I was “going on vacation”. Right… I paid the fine at customs.

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