The End of the Road

I’m not sure if this twitter account is actually his but it makes for some pretty amusing reading:

end of the road?

And what a long & twisted road it appears to have been!

Articles were published making all sorts of claims:

“It was Brice Carrington who gave King Kong his roar, the T-Rex and other dinosaurs their menacing sound in the movie Jurassic Park, put the hiss in Snakes on a Plane, the swoosh in Superman’s flight and the swirling sound in Spiderman’s web-shooting. Carrington is the man behind the pops, bangs, booms and blasts of the firepower in Miami Vice, True Lies, The Fantastic Four and the Incredible Hulk, etc.”


“Carrington received 3 commemorative Oscars for “King Kong,” “Ghost and the Darkness,” and “Jurassic Park.”

But then retracted:

BRICE CARRINGTON RETRACTION: ‘Hollywood Sound Man’ Now Admits he Lied to ‘People of Note’ Columnist.
“I am Brice Carrington. I am writing this note to address comments made about me and to state some facts about my work. All the statements made that say directly that I have NEVER worked on a film or have won an academy award for sound is absolutely true. I have never worked on a motion picture nor have I ever won an academy award. The fact is, I am a sound designer, and I make recreations of sounds found in films and sell them to the public through a brand called Ultimate FX.”

Ah so! Recreations… Hmmmm…. A visit to his website is similarly entertaining – listen to his sounds for films such as Batman & Jurassic Park except please notice the fine print! And by fine I mean in the smallest legible font size: “These sounds are recreations of sound effects used in feature films. They are original works created by Brice Carrington and no claims are expressed or implied to the original works by the authors of the films.”

Now at this stage you might think it’s all just a great big misunderstanding. Here is this poor guy struggling to make ends meet, running a fledgling company that recreates sounds from famous movies… Sadly it seems the truth is another matter again.
As reported in the San Francisco Chronicle: “A Pleasanton man who falsely claimed he was a three-time Oscar-winning sound designer was sentenced Friday to four years in federal prison for defrauding investors of nearly $4 million in an investment scheme.”

“Carrington admitted that he had lured investors by spinning a series of yarns about payday loans no credit check required procedures. He told people he had won three Oscars, had an extensive background in sound design and had ties to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Carrington admitted that he had received $3.6 million by victimizing 13 people. Almost none of the money went to designing sound effects; most went for such expenses as the mortgage on his $2.6 million Pleasanton home and fancy cars.”

Wow – ok the guy definitely isn’t slumming it then! But it gets even weirder:

“In 2006, Carrington paid $52,000 to Walnut Creek jeweler Davidson & Licht to create three fake Oscar statuettes, according to a civil suit that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences filed, claiming copyright infringement. He displayed at least one of the fake Oscars at his home, authorities said.”

Now I’m sure Brice probably still thinks its all a big misunderstanding, but 4 million dollars is a lot of other peoples money to be playing with. Either the guy is pretty damn convincing, or those investors simply did not practice due diligence when parting with their money…

brice the twit?

brice the twit?

brice the twit?

brice the twit?

Life is so much easier when you tell the truth. Imagine the energy involved in maintaining this masquerade?

end of the road?

4 thoughts on “The End of the Road

  1. Enos

    Wow! Quite a con artist! The guy was rolling it in with his lies! I started reading into it and the guy had apparently managed to get over 4 million dollars from investors and used a lot of that in buying his Lamborghini, Hummer and Mercedes cars! Smooth criminal…

    1. tim Post author

      4 lions @$1million each?

      on his bio on IMDBPro: “Brice uses a few secret recipes that create his jaw-dropping sound effects. One of his key ingredients is the use of a Male African Lion in virtually all of his sounds.”

      what an absurd idea!

  2. jrrome

    Who ever listens to a sound guy? How much work do we have to do to get our clients to give up the temp fx track? Brice cons 4 million? I need to take some lessons from this guy.

    I hope “working on Indy 5,” was made up. Indy 4 could be, taking into consideration the talent and resources used, the worst movie ever made. Stop the madness!

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