The Four Legged choir

Last week I did an interview with Kirsten Johnstone from Radio New Zealand National for the show Musical Chairs – I have to confess I prefer being on the other end of a microphone but it was fun & I think Kirsten had fun cutting up my rants about sound, music, perception, grain silos, impulse responses, ambiences, sonic memory and recently released movie; Black Sheep
The interview airs tomorrow, Saturday 7th April, 4.10pm local time.
Aside from local AM & FM, RNZ broadcasts via internet streaming & cable TV – more info here or listen to the live stream
Afterwards it will be released as an MP3 podcast – you can listen to other interviews from Musical Chairs here – I’ll post a direct link to mine once its available.

UPDATED: you can download an mp3 of the interview here

During the interview I mentioned that eleven people were involved in creating the soundtrack for Black Sheep. As a soundtrack it really is like a band where each of the eleven people are playing an instrument & depending on what is happening onscreen we continuously trade solos. But remove any one of the players & the entire soundtrack begins to unravel. So those eleven people, in chronological order of work are:

Location sound – recordist: Chris Hiles
Location sound – boom: Sam Spicer
Composer: Victoria Kelly– interview here
Sound Designer: Tim Prebble
Dialogue/ADR Editor: Chris Todd
Sound Effects Editor: Matt Lambourn
Assistant Sound Editor: Age Pryor
Foley Recordist: Robyn McFarlane
Foley Artist: Caroline McLaughlin
Rerecording Mixer: (dialogue & music) Gethin Creagh
Rerecording Mixer: (FX, ambience, foley) Gilbert Lake

But of course the two people who contributed the most to the soundtrack were the director, Jonathan King and producer Phillipa Campbell.
The film was shot on locations around Wellington. The sound editing was completed at Substation while the foley and mix were completed at Park Road Post.

Also incase anyone wants a copy, the four legged choir singing the NZ National anthem that is heard in the interview is available as a cellphone ring tone! Audition it by clicking the orange play button below:

NZ Anthem by Sheep
The NZ National Anthem sung by a choir of sheep

Price: 2.5 NZD

File Type: MP3 /
Created On: 06 Apr 2007

I’ve also made a series of TXT Alert ringtones – very short but interesting beeps & bleeps, which are available on my voeveo site as well… Personally my cellphone is permanently on silent ring/vibrate but if a phone is going to ring audibly it might as well sound interesting & reflect something of the owners personality. I’m happy to do requests – email me & ask me to make a ringtone & if the idea is weird/original enough I’ll happily make it for you for free & send it to you…

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