The past is a foreign country..

..they do things differently there.”

They also made things to last!
I’m slowly building a workshop for myself, to enable more complex physical instrument & sound effect prop creation. But having bought some tools over the years & see them break, I’ve decided that whenever possible & practical, I am going to build my workshop out of old school gear. For example I picked up this ancient mitre saw today for $25

It is heavy, still works as well as the day it was made and even came with a couple of pencils! It has the name ‘Stanley’ cast into some of the parts, which is a well known modern brand in NZ but a quick search reveals they started in 1843!

My Uncle Ken who passed away a few years ago was a mechanical genius and their workshop had many big & very complex lathes, and it was very difficult finding a good home for his gear. I suspect it is an ongoing issue to be solved for every family, where their beloved parent or grandparent had a home workshop, shed or garage with tools they had used for many decades – maintaining & sharpening them, rather than the modern crud that goes to landfill as soon as it breaks.

While I was over picking up the saw, I stopped off at Helter Skelter again, and despite thinking I had found everything relevant for my current missions last time I visited, I was wrong.

These zing and chime and resonate in uniquely interesting ways!

For locals, see previous post for Helter Skelter details/







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