The Rhythm of Rain Drips

My bedroom window faces the south and often I have listed to the rhythm of rain when a southerly storm arrives in Wellington, direct from Antarctica… The temperature tends to drop about 10 degrees and you instantly know its a day for staying inside and I’m not sure if its because I’m on the 4th floor or what, but this oblique rain tends to be very percussive, and knowing glass is reasonably resonant I wondered what it would sound like through contact mics… So I resolved the next time a southerly is predicted I’ll set up to record it, and I did…
but the rain never arrived! As I was busy on other things I left the gear set up and sure enough a week or so later I woke to the sound of sporadic rain, jumped out of bed, hit record & this is what I recorded….


0.00 Rain drips on window via Trance Audio Inducer Contact Mics
1.00 processed via GRM Spectral Contrast plugin
1.30 processed via GRM Spectral Contrast + Altiverb Borsendorfer IR
2.00 processed via GRM Spectral Contrast + Altiverb Borsendorfer IR + Valhalla Shimmer


Rain drips on Window via Contact Mics from tim prebble on Vimeo.


FWIW I recorded using a new stereo contact mic rig from Trance Audio created specifically with sound designers in mind, and I’m in the process of writing a review of it as I received literally their first unit released into the wild! I’ll post it in the next week or so once I do some more recording with it as I want to try it in as wide a range of situations as possible…


Trance Audio stereo inducer


15 thoughts on “The Rhythm of Rain Drips

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  2. ivan

    hi tim
    i respect your holidays but i want to ask you only this(waiting your final review):
    if today you have to order a pair of contact mic you could buy this new tranceaudio system or the old and respectable barcus berry 4000xl system?
    i have a pending order.
    thanks and happy new year.

    1. tim

      you will get great results from both…. the BB one is readily available, the Trance Audio one is built to order so check the availability… as with my article i like the BB preamps more than the TA one, but i like the TA mic element more than the BB one…

  3. ivan

    tim, your expirience is better to have a pad switch like barcus or a phase inverter like tranceaudio?

    2.has the barcus berry a gain control for main output not only for monitor out or you need external recorder to control the gain?
    the new trance audio has 55dB gain adjustment,what about barcus berry? prefer barcus berry amplifer only for pad button and becouse you can aliment
    without battery but also with 48v phantom or also for the general sound quality and low noise respect the new tranceaudio?

  4. tim Post author

    1. pad is better – i can invert phase in post if its a problem

    2. with the BB you control gain with the recorder, which is essential in my experience as the gain can be very wide in range – to record very quiet sounds means any loud sounds will distort, so its up to you which you want to record…. I use Sound Devices and their preamps are very, very good….

    3. i would suspect the sound quality & noise floor are similar between BB and TA… I hate having to use 9v batteries and having to carry an extra 9v battery and a philips screwdriver, when I have phantom power available

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