The sound of empty motorways


On the way home from the supermarket (Moore Wilsons, Porirua for fish+vege+bread) I stopped & did some quick exercise, walking up the steps of the overbridge that you can see in the traffic webcam below. I used it, along with google streetview to do a virtual recce for filming locations…
I am the red dot:



Here is the iPhone snap from that position today:



There was plenty of light, so I was shooting XPAN handheld… blew a few frames, at different positions on the bridge – definitely need the tripod for a night mission…. On my first lockdown supermarket excursion I shot some film on the stretch of motorway SH1 from Plimmerton up to Pukerua Bay, and came home via the semi-secret back road, pass the Urupah. Shooting film both times it has been quick grabs… Really feel a strong communal spirit to self isolate, for the greater good.



Kia kaha.









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