The Ultimate Site Launch Sound!

Could there be a more appropriate sound effect for the launch of a website than that of a rocket? That gorgeous sound of air being vapourised, perhaps the ultimate doppler, is analagous to the weeks & months of preparation resulting in the ultimate moment of truth: when the site becomes public & assumes a life of its own.
The Rabbit Ears Audio site may be new to you, but the sonic skills behind it are not. Rabbit Ears is a new platform for the field recording work of Michael Raphael, whos diverse field recording work you will have enjoyed at his Sepulchra blog as featured in my first favourite field recording blog selection back in January.

Rabbit Ears Audio

The rocket sounds featured in his first release are exquisite, and lend themselves as much to literal use as to deeply manipulated & highly evolved applications. Michael has also been very helpful sharing his experiences with me as I plan the next HISSandaROAR recording session, especially in terms of mic selection and technique. Recording incendiary devices is difficult and it is telling of his maturity as an artist that once he had decided to capture these rockets that his first session was spent purely listening: no recorder, no mics.

So go check out his new site: Rabbit Ears Audio (and make sure you join up to his mailing list!)
If you have some serious weapons design to do then I suspect its a compulsory purchase,
and a week or two from now I should be able to provide a plethora of further ammunition.

Congrats Michael!

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