studio tools you never knew you needed

THIS is genius!

“Any experienced studio engineer or producer knows that the presence of visitors in the studio can dramatically alter the performance of singers and musicians. Sometimes the effect can be beneficial, other times it can be disastrous.

Using advanced propriety computer modelling, the Virtual Studio Visitor plugin convincingly emulates the effect of various studio visitors on a performance, without the need of the visitor to actually be present.
Want to hear what the lead singer would sound like if his angry girlfriend was watching from the control room? It’s as simple as applying the Viurtual Studio Visitor ‘Resentful Girlfriend/Wife’ preset to his unaffected vocal track.

The sound can be further customized by adjusting controls for how much the singer or musician hates, respects or fears the Virtual Visitor, as well as controls for setting the level of sexual involvement with the person. Two additional controls specify whether or not the visitor is an ex-band member and whether the visitor is owed money by the musican or singer. The overall level of the effect is determined by the Strength knob, allowing fine-tuning’

Hah! Brilliant!
wonder if they make a version for ADR sessions?

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