Three months I wish to avoid in 2011

I live in a small, young country. And for some reason this juvenile country adopted a senselessly violent sport as its main religion. Otherwise known as rugby, it seems to involve grown men chasing a funny shaped ball around a paddock. People get angry & shout, people get drunk & fight.. meanwhile in other parts of town some people do their best to ignore it all & pretend its all part of some bad dream… Except the ignoring part is very difficult; the sport often makes headline news, as though it actually matters and isn’t just some fascile past time. Its very, very strange and is one part of this country that I do not understand, and simply can not stand.
See I actually played rugby once, a whole season in fact. I was eight years old & big for my age so I got roped in to play for the local team, and later in the season I got roped in to play for the regional (Mid Canterbury) reps, but I remember my Dad and I agreeing it was all a bad idea when the coach said something along the lines of ‘Tim’s only any good if someone smacks him in the head.’ Yes, violence & anger are an inherent part of this silly game… I don’t really do sports of any kind, but I can at least appreciate skill eg football, hockey, tiddly winks… but rugby? No thanks…

thugby? no thanks!

So now that you know I loathe the national sport, you also have to know I am planning to leave this country for three months next year, so as to avoid the veritable crap-fest otherwise known as The Rugby World Cup. Accordingly I’m interested in any opportunities you might know of? I ask now, rather than in six months time because I know these things take time; from small acorns etc….

As I understand it, the Rugby World Cup actually has games going on throughout September and October 2011. And while those months will be unbearable, so will the month/s leading up to it, as saturation advertising will become the norm. So I figure I need to get the hell out of this country for a minimum of all of August, September and October 2011. Now 3 months is about the usual amount of time I spend working on a film, so…

Option 1. Go work on a film somewhere else!

Option 2. Go on a recording trip/sabbatical

Option 3. Go travel/holiday

So if you happen to read this, please store it away & if you hear of an applicable opportunity, or a project comes along that you think I could help with please, please get in touch with me.
If it helps, the three cities I would most love to spend three months in would be:

1. Tokyo (or Osaka, Kyoto or anywhere in Japan!)
2. Berlin
3. Barcelona

And if a film was involved I can easily travel with my sound library & record kit, and a laptop based ProTools rig… But I’m almost more interested in options I haven’t thought of… Working in another country can be problematic with work permits etc so there is that to consider… But I figure the last resort may actually be option 2 and 3 combined ie a low rent resort/shack somewhere (eg a pacific island) since all I really need for a creative sabbatical is a power outlet and wifi….

Anyway, please store this request away in your subconscious!

3 thoughts on “Three months I wish to avoid in 2011

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  2. mny

    Wow, I can totally understand that you want to leave during that time. I was living in Berlin, when the last football world cup was taking place there and i rarely wanted to go outside=).

    I can only talk about Berlin, but working there shouldnt be a problem. If you are looking in the right districts the rent for a 30 square meteres flat in a nice neighbourhood should be round about 300 Euros per month(there are also cheaper ones, but they are hard to get, especially when you are there for just 3 months).
    If you are looking for a job there, have a look at .
    But of you are into electronic music ( regarding you posts and dub45 I think you are 🙂 ) it`s hard to focus on the work, `cause there are so many clubs.

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