Time… and Perception

I’ve started reading Oliver Sacks new book MUSICOPHILIA – Tales of Music and the Brain, and I’ll borrow the blurb from his description, but so far its very interesting…. “Music occupies more areas of our brain than language does–humans are a musical species. Oliver Sacks’s compassionate, compelling tales of people struggling to adapt to different neurological conditions have fundamentally changed the way we think of our own brains, and of the human experience. In Musicophilia, he examines the powers of music through the individual experiences of patients, musicians, and everyday people……”
Anyway I stumbled across the image below in my archives (yikes! I’m not sure of its source) and combined with Musicophilia its got me thinking about sound, music, time & perception…

click on image for fullsize…

And heres a clip of Oliver Sacks talking about a case from his book, who was struck by lightning and suddenly inspired to become a pianist at the age of forty-two!

What got you started with music/sound?
Anyone else discover their calling through high voltages?

2 thoughts on “Time… and Perception

  1. Hamish

    Coincidence – I started reading my Christmas copy of Musicophilia last night.
    In answer to question – no, no lightning, just recorder. Although I remember I was pretty interested in different ways of whistling when I was 5, and at some point I played a LOT of quasi-tea-chest bass sitting in the back seat of the car using the bits of elastic that held the sheepskin car seat covers on the front…

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