Through a very kind introduction and the generosity of many people, last week I was able to visit the legendary Toho Studios in Tokyo. As a big fan of many Japanese films it was truly an honour to visit a company such as Toho with such a rich history. More info at Toho Kingdom

Seven Samurai was made at Toho Studios in 1954

and Godzilla!

Yours truly, alongside Godzilla, at the entrance to Toho Studios
(and yes, its winter in Japan at the moment!)

Ditto, beside the Seven Samurai mural

A view into one of the 15 massive sound stages

The legendary Toho dubbing stage, with large scale Neve DFC desk and multiple ProTools systems. The acoustics in this room were beautiful – apparently the room was originally used to record the score (live to picture) for Godzilla!

This stream, which passes through the Toho Studios lot, was featured in Seven Samurai and is apparently very beautiful during sakura (cherry blossom)

Arigatou gozimasu!


  1. tim

    No, as far as I know it isnt open to the public, if for no other than reason than it is a very busy place. When we went into any of the sound stages there was some heavy duty (& potential dangerous) building work going on & safety would be an issue… but if you are a fan of Ghibli anime films I can definitely reccomend visiting the Ghibli museum… its fantastic and open to the public, you just ahve to pre-buy a ticket froma Lawsons (7/11)
    The first time i visited it I went on an anime guided tour which included visiting two Anime studios including 4degreesC, who did Tekkinkonkreet & The Matrix anime, organised by a company called HIS Experience…
    They have a lot of intriguing tours/workshops worth checking out, I think I will do the taiko drum workshop when I’m in Tokyo in June & maybe one of the samurai sword workshops…

  2. Frederich Blessy

    Hey thanks for the information , is there any movie company that can do visit, because my university need to visit some of studios to learn, or the anime guided tour you talked about, did you get like certificate or something you brought home for like souvenir??

    1. tim Post author

      re commercial tours of film studio, I don’t know sorry. I’m a professional working in the film industry and my visit to Toho 11 years ago was only possible via a personal introduction. Ask google about Japan tourism. And re souvenirs, if you want an anime souvenir there are plenty of shops in Akihabara that will sell you some. Getting a certificate for doing a paid guided tour seems a pretty odd idea

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