Tortured Piano Remix Competition

After playing with the sounds in the Tortured Piano library over the last few weeks, I’ve become fascinated as to the ways these sounds can be processed, altered & recontextualised… But I am even more so interested in what other people might do with the sounds…. So I’ve just released the FREE version of the Tortured Piano library (45 x 16BIT 44.1KHZ Stereo .WAV sounds 58MB) and am hereby launching the first HISSandaROAR remix competition! See below for details…..


Remix comp


NOTE: there are only three rules:


1. The only source material must be from the TORTURED PIANO FREE library. You can obviously manipulate and process them in any way you like, but no other sound sources are allowed (eg other samples, instruments, recordings etc)


2. Upload your finished entry to Soundcloud and join the Tortured Piano Remix soundcloud group then use the Share to Group button on your track to add it. Also please post a comment below with a link to it


3. Submissions must be uploaded & a comment added here BEFORE Monday 8th August



There will be three winners and each winner will receive a free copy of the full 192kHz 7GB Tortured Piano library. I have no idea what criteria I’ll use when listening and choosing, because I am totally open to what might be created…. Surprise me!




99 thoughts on “Tortured Piano Remix Competition

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      1. tim Post author

        yep thats ok, I’ve made a database of all the soundcloud uploads & theres probably a dozen who haven’t commented here – I’ll go message them on soundcloud as otherwise dont have their email address for contact etc…

  2. Ryan

    Great idea, Tim. I’m in.


    Is worldizing allowed? You mentioned any manipulation is OK but no new recordings added in so I think worldizing should be OK but I wanted to make sure before I did some crazy stuff. You know me… >:)


    – Ryan

  3. Jasinski

    Hi Tim. Super excited to do this. Can we use the microloop the samples to make oscillators with or do they need to be recognizably related to the original recordings?

    1. tim Post author

      Hi, you can do whatever you like… but I’ll be listening to it with the source material in mind….

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  6. tim Post author

    Great posts so far – note for any first time commenters here, I have to moderate/approve your first comment, so don’t fear if your comment doesn’t appear instantly – it will sooner or later!

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  11. vulture

    Hello Tim, Am I allowed to put the track I’ve made, with your sounds, on my album?
    it’s a non-commercial thing, I’ll just publish it on my blog for free download.

    1. tim Post author

      Didnt get time to get the MID version created & output last week & I’m down south for a week on holiday now, so it’ll be next week at earliest…. no rush

  12. Charles van Kampen

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks a lot! I had a great time working with your sounds and listening to what others had made with them!

    Kind regards,


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