Trance Audio Contact Mic Available Again!!!

Just recieved an email press release with great news!

“We know it’s been quite a while, but we are happy to announce that we are again building the Inducer System for sound design use. The Inducer is a specially designed low-noise high-definition sound system. It is completely portable and powered by 2 9-volt batteries. Its features include phase reversal (to allow proper mixing with multiple sound sources), a balanced TRS output to interface with professional recording equipment.
The heart of the Inducer System is the Acoustic Lens transducer. The Lens, which can have a cable length of up to 10 feet, employs multiple sensors to create a well defined sonic image of whatever its attached to. Its hermetically sealed to protect it against inclement environments and can even be used underwater.

The Inducer is $405 USD plus shipping ($10 in the continental US; email us for shipping quotes elsewhere) and is a custom made item. Please contact us if you’d like more info or to place an order!

Also, we recently did a modification on our stereo Amulet System (designed for acoustic guitar) at a client’s request to make it easier to use for sound design applications. Contact us for details of the mod if you think stereo might be useful to you; the Amulet sells for $549
and additional info on the standard version is here

5 thoughts on “Trance Audio Contact Mic Available Again!!!

  1. Salvador Felix

    Hi, im a sound designer and i lived in MExico city. I’m iinterested to buy a trance audio contact mic. Do u still produce them?


    Hello ,
    Am astonished about the freq response and apparently overall quality of this electronic wonder .
    However the instrument I need it for is neither a steel- nor a classical guitar .
    (I design and build most of the instruments for my various experimental music projects myself .)

    The one I would like to make high quality recordings of is a 9 string wooden box type lyre .
    (roughly resembling an Ethiopian “kraar”)
    The sound body itself is rectangular 295mm W x 400mm L x 90mm H .
    Both top and bottom are covered by a thin , durable ca. 1mm thick plastiic .
    There is a diamond-shaped sound hole in the middlle above the bridge .
    The support for the small 4×30 mm bridge reaches accross the instrument’s entire width .
    It is is made of thin 4mm thick hardwood .
    There is a rather small soundpost near it’s center .

    I would be extremely happy if you or somebody could suggest something suitable .
    (even if something from transaudio will require some alteration) .
    Thank you kindly in advance for any consideration .
    (if needed I can supply more infos incl photographs and/or recording samples)

    Dieter Zander ,
    Berkeley , CA

    1. tim Post author

      My advice is this: do not ask detailed questions of complete strangers & expect a reasonable response. All that detail of the size & what its made of is bypassed by one simple question: stick your finger on it, anywhere & everywhere… does it resonate? can you feel it vibrating? If YES put a contact mic there and start comparing the results from that contact mic AND preamp, to what you imagine, and compare that with what you hear without any contact mic. Move the contact mic, experiment! Manage your own expectations and do your own research… I have no other advice to offer.

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