Two new drum toys


While I was in Auckland I picked up this beatbox I scored via TradeMe – its a Roland CR8000 which has had Analoque Solutions mods applied, as per the image below. The seller advised it has a couple of minor faults but I can live with them, and will get them fixed when I find the right person, locally… in the meantime I am learning to program this great sounding drum machine & the sync out will come in handy for driving my modular synth sequencer!


Waiting at my POBox was another TradeMe purchase – a TAMA Techstar TS602 drum synth, circa 1984. This didn’t cost much so it wasn’t much of a risk but I’ve already had my moneys worth! It is seriously fun to jam on and the range of drum sounds achievable is pretty broad. The photos on TradeMe made the pads look quite small but they are BIG – the size of a small/medium tom…


Here’s a little demo via youtube – the rack unit has 2 drum synth generators with a trigger input for each of the pads, plus 2 ext trigger inputs (presumably for use with a sequencer) a mixed audio output and seperate audio outputs for each of the 2 drum synths… Given what it can produce & how much fun it is to jam on, this was a bargain, especially with the two pads which I am sure I’ll be able to use to trigger my modular synth too!

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