Two new HISSandaROAR libraries released!


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Our crash test dummy has been falling over a lot recently – mostly outdoors. He’s been falling over on the driveway, the lawn, concrete path, in gravel and into bushes, ferns, branches and forest debris. A few ‘body drags’ were also recorded on gravel, as useful elements.
Some falls down a flight of stairs also created some great thumpy interior tumbles & falls.

It’s hard work throwing around a 20kg boxing bag wearing overalls, augmented with pumpkin, potatoes, a pool noodle and some gloves. This is the third evolution of this method…




NOTE: 33% discount expires May 18th

This library is based on an idea I came up with while working on the film THE WARRIOR’S WAY which involved a lot of Samurai sword fighting action. We recorded swords chopping & slicing vegetables, but there were so many decapitations in the film I wanted more variety… And more grit! Especially when needing to ‘cut through’ loud action music!

What I found was that slicing a sword through sand produced an interesting sound, which could be varied depending on the sword or object used and the texture and density of the sand. For this library I expanded the concept.

After recording a range of weapons on location in a sand dune, I then collected up buckets full of sand, fine base metal, gravel and tiny stones and recorded them in my foley room. Slowly grinding a sword into gravel sounds excruciating, especially imagining it augmented with some Vegetable Violence squelch and/or Slime Moves. I also recorded versions after wetting the sand and gravel… And those stabs and slices sound even more gruesome!!



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