VEH003 Trailer Onboard released!

Last year I inherited my Dads vintage 1928 Chev Roadster, and I also inherited his car trailer for transporting it. February I moved the Chev up to Wellington and I noticed the sounds the trailer makes. It has a light steel wind-shield at the front which rattles, while the deck is made of solid steel with plating, so it has a lot of interesting resonances. Being a trailer there is also minimal engine and exhaust noise.

The trailer was rigged with six mics and my Sony a6300 camera:
– Sennheiser MKH8040 LR, one close up on each wheel
– Sennheiser MKH8020 pair sheltered LR behind the wind shield
– Sennheiser MKH8050 sheltered centre behind the wind shield
– LOM Geofon on chassis, capturing rumble.

The surfaces driven on include:
– up & down my driveway, scraping plants & bushes
– suburban driving 0-50kmph (0-30mph)
– suburban arterial route driving 50-70kmph (30-45mph)
– highway driving 90kmph 55mph
– gravel road driving 0-50kmph(0-30mph)
– driving over multiple judder bars/speed bumps 0-10kmph (0-5mph)

Recorded 32bit 192kHz this new library is released multitrack 24bit 96kHz with full UCS metadata and photos..

33% Intro discount expires June 9th!



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