Vintage Guitar Auction



The same auction house Central Markets Auctions that I bought my piano from has an upcoming auction for an amazing vintage guitar collection.

Vintage Guitar Auction – 9th December 2021 at Central Markets, Lower Hutt

Photos are on their FB page here but below are a few of the oddities and beauties that caught my eye:










I’m not in the market for such things, but will attend the auction if I have time, just out of interest. If anyone needs a proxy let me know.


My musical instrument auction story:
Back in the day I was a kid in Christchurch in the late 1980s, playing bass in bands & starting to get into recording. I had an ok Ibanez bass guitar, funded by Startup Cows
In Christchurch the main musical instrument shop was called CJs, owned by Charlie who it seemed had been there forever. A new store opened next door to them, part of a new chain of shops in NZ called Big Bang. Unfortunately, their aspirations did not come to fruition and their name prophetic: a year or two later they went into liquidation and an auction was held to sell off all their remaining stock.
I attended the auction out of interest… but very late in the auction a beautiful Rickenbacker 4003 bass came up & no one bid! The auctioneer kept dropping the starting bid price, but no one bid and he was just about to pass on it when right at the last minute I put my hand up, & bought it for $500! I had never seen a Rickenbacker bass sell for less than $1k, so I knew it wasn’t a risk.
I sold my old Ibanez bass to fund it and enjoyed playing that Rickenbacker bass for a while. But after exploring it for a year I eventually sold it for more than twice what I paid, and used the funds to buy a beautiful Maton fretless bass… I kept that for a few years but it sadly was stolen from an old church that I was then living in, by Latimer Square.





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