Virtual Intern – iteration 2

I know its been a long time since I did this, but here we go again. I’d like to offer a year long virtual internship to a maximum of three people, preferably to one local and two international people… I work as a film sound designer/editor so thats what I will be mentoring – if game audio or music sound design/synth programming is your primary goal in life then please do not apply. I will need to see evidence that you have already started along the path of becoming a post production sound editor…

The deadline for applications will be on November 30, and I’ll confirm the interns by January 3rd, which will be when the year of mentoring starts for them….

If you want to be sent the application then email me with email subject: “INTERN APPLICATION” and I will send you the application questions etc later this week.

NOTE: Application deadline is November 30

Feel free to read the process from last time:

8 thoughts on “Virtual Intern – iteration 2

  1. tim Post author

    re the deadline, I will email everyone on November 30th who has submitted an application, just to insure I do not miss anyone…..

  2. Andres D.

    Hey Tim! I hope you don’t mind answering my question. In the internship application, question 22 it read

    ” 22. If a paid/work position came up, which is your highest priority:
    (5 = highest, 0 = not interested)
    – dialogue editor/assistant:
    – sound effects editor/assistant:
    – music editor/assistant:
    – mixing assistant/trainee:
    – location/field sound assistant/trainee:

    My question is… hypothetically speaking that someone truly loves each of those positions, could one just place a 5 next to each? or do we must assign a unique number of priority? i.e., necessarily assigning a position as priority #1 (lowest priority), another one to priority #2..and so on.


    1. tim Post author

      you can put 5 beside each one if you want, it is your choice…

      the only advice i’ll give is that when someone says to me “i’ll do anything” my zen brain thinks “how about emptying that lake with a sieve?”

  3. Francesco Lucarelli

    Hi Tim,
    I’m really interested in your virtual internship. Do you think there will be a new one in 2013?


  4. Torrence

    Will you be offering this opportunity again in the future? Just happened to see this post from a few years ago.

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