Sugoi!! Super happy to have finally bought a device I’ve been hunting for, for over a year! The VOCU VTE2000 is a tape echo with one special feature that none of the Roland or Korg tape echos have:
a pedal/cv input for echo/tape speed!



Like my Fuji TX2 I have somehow lucked in again, buying a device that is 20+ years old but has hardly been used. The seller said this had been used less than 20 hours total, and looking at the head & roller it would seem to be true!



The parent company are interesting, VOCU now primarily make power supplies for guitar pedals and apparently ceased making tape echos due to access to parts. But the website for this model & the VTE1600 are still online, have a look here for the VTE2000, which lists the new price as ¥59,800 = USD$529. Shame they aren’t still made as there would be plenty of demand for them… Page for VTE1600 here (They did sell the VTE2000 outside Japan as HIWATT Custom Tape Echo CTE2000) There is a link to a PDF of the VTE2000 manual in Japanese here

A few google translations from that site:

– Control of echo time by the expression pedal, such as loop recording function, packed with unique features not found in conventional machines.

– Foot switch: Echo on / off, recording on / off

– The longest echo time about 2000ms.

– Head configuration: Erase × 1, recording × 1, short echo playback × 1, Long echo playback × 1

A side note: if you are into film cameras the you probably know of Japan Camera Hunter who is based in Tokyo & will source film cameras to request.. Current stock is listed here (check the Nikkor fisheye lens!! and the xPan 2 full set)

Wouldn’t it be great if someone did the same service for synths & outboard gear, especially devices like this VOCU tape echo that you very rarely see outside Japan…

Heres some (slightly wacky) sounds from one (not my vid)

update: wow – just found a second one from the same source!!

update: put the manual through google translate, english version here

update: english manual for the HiWatt version here

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