Maybe a year ago a local area had a brilliant new walking path installed. Te Ara Piko Pathway follows around the edge of Pauatahanuiahanui Inlet, a large tidal estuary. It is a huge asset to everyone, as it is a safe cycle and walking path for people of every age, and Pauatahanui Inlet is home to many species of wildlife…

There is a PDF map for the walk here

This is the route:

Part of building of the path involved bridging swamp, and when it was being constructed I was intrigued to see how it as done… Turned out there was a machine specifically designed for this purpose:

I came across this photo from 2017, shot on XPAN2/TX2 with Fuji Acros 100… But for some reason I took two photos of it, slightly offset which means I can make a stereoscopic twitch gif!

Sorry its so crushed, I was trying to get filesize down…
Weird the embed seems a bit random…

I love twitchy stereoscopic gifs – here are some I made from archival photos:





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