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The first time I heard a waterphone with my own ears was at a concert a few years ago at the Biennial International Festival of the Arts here in Wellington. The concert was a performance of Tan Duns Water Concerto for Water Percussion and Orchestra and after the lights went down & everyone became quiet, this rich gorgeous feedback tone started from the rear of the auditorium. Slowly a performer walked in while bowing a waterphone & slowly made his way on stage. It was one of those magic moments where my brain couldn’t quite assimilate what my ear was hearing. I knew Tan Duns music from films cores but this concert was hugely memorable with water used in many different ways to create percussive sounds (I think a few people in the front row got wet!) along with a beautiful sensuous score played by the NZSO.
Every now & again I have a hankering to experiment with a waterphone but whoah they are not either readily accessible nor particularly affordable should you want to own one. So I make do with a few waterphone samples and impulse responses that i have. But this new sample library looks like it might be worth pursuing, check the demo video out:

More info on waterphones here and here and you can check out the sample library here – 4.3GB, 2,903 samples for US$89! I especially like the fact that not only have they recorded all sorts of performances but have also used a hydrophone for some!

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6 thoughts on “Waterphone Sample Library

  1. Loopy C

    Hey, just ‘followed’ you from ProTooler blog…got to say it’s been a while since I discovered a new blog with so many inspirations and things of interest to me. Looking forward to ‘digging’ into the archives and great blog!

    The waterphone set from Tonehammer sounds every bit as good as it looks, picked it up yesterday and it is yet another fantastic instrument addition to their already stupendous catalog 🙂

    1. Todd Barton

      There is now a very inexpensive waterphone performance sampler, Uncharted Waters based on interactive samples of Richard Waters’ instruments. Available at waterphone.com

  2. admin Post author

    I couldnt resist – have bought it & am downloading it now….. weirdly this mornign tow other sample libraries I ordered just arrived: Eventide H8000 impulse responses and sacred temple objects… not sure why the latter had to be sent all the way here on a DVD – its only 30MB in size! H8000 = 1.9GB though… will review both once I assimilate them a bit…

  3. Loopy C

    Hey Richard, sorry to see this…have you spoke with them about it? as they are instrument builders themselves and seem to be very decent folks. I stick by my opinion that the set sounds great but if it is theirs is the ‘cheap knock-off’ you suggest, yours must sound truly wonderful 🙂

    I know the first one I heard was nearly 20 years ago, brought to my studio by a friend/drummer who had bought it from the ‘inventor’ and which he called it the ‘beast’. His name is Mike Fedo, was this your creation too?

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