West Coast road trip

Day 1, up early to catch the ferry South… weather has turned Southerly & once we get out into Cook Strait, the ferry is making huge booms every 4-5 seconds as we drop off a wave!! Rolling!

Then a four hour drive… Blenheim & Wairau valley very flooded!!

Stopped at great junk store in Murchison and bought some metal percussion & a big bowable spring, for $21 total!

Arrived to Cape Foulwind Air BnB in time to have a fly… My car & air BnB are on rhs of frame:

My primary mission for this trip was to visit & shoot Motukiekie Beach, which I had never heard of before but saw some stunning photos when researching…

8.50am Monday morning
After driving for an hour in the dark & climbing down a sketchy track, based purely on blog hearsay… ‘across the road from the blue bach’ – shot 4 rolls of film & stayed until the incoming tide chased me out.

As close to a self as I get:

Laster in the day I went up to Denniston, hoping to 4WD up to Mt Rochfort but seems mining has closed the access route 🙁

Shot this on the way back – looking to Westport, from Denniston

Zooming in on the DSLR shot, the large scale land works near Fairdown is very impressive!! I presume for drainage…

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