Where in the world…

Lake Te Anau, Fiordland



Takaka, Golden Bay



Cosy Nook, Southland



Jerusalem, Wanganui



West Coast, near Farewell Spit



Mid-Canterbury East Coast



Echo Point, Western Inlet, Takaka



Totaranui Beach, Takaka



Oreti Beach, Invercargill



Bluff, Invercargill



Orepuki Beach, Southland



Oreti Beach, Invercargill



Jesusalem, Wanagnui



Why? Because it was there!





7 thoughts on “Where in the world…

  1. tim

    re singing postcards, that was my thought too, as soon as i staretd hunting thru iPhoto finding the photos… so i will repost the photos with exactly that sometime, when i get time… i’ve also started researching buying a small GPS unit, so that I can geotag such recordings & photos to their true location – summer is just starting in NZ and I can feel a few road trips coming on!

  2. tim

    Mostly I use a stereo shotgun mic made by Sanken CSS5
    its sensitive/high output but i have noticed inherent nosie on very low level sounds eg when recording quiet impulse responses…

    i recently also boughta Sennheiser MKH 70 – this is a mono long shotgun mic, ideal for isolating elements of an ambience (as opposed to the Sanekn which si great for capturing a stereo image of a location)

    for ‘stealth’ recording eg cafe/bar/restaurant etc I have a pair of Oktava MK012 which are small & easy to hide… well at least easier than a greta big rycote…

    Once we get finished with this mix I am going to try a friends pair of Sennheiser 8050 series mics – these are tiny mics that go up to 50kHz… like the Oktavas they also have swappable capsules, so once a side format capsule is released I am very interested in an MS mic setup as it could be very small, even inside a rycote, which would be great for travel….

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