There is a weird relationship between regulation and causality. For example in New Zealand you must legally wear a helmet whenever you ride a bicycle and yet here in Japan, a country where cycling is a far more common form of transport, it is not required. It would seem no one wears a helmet & there appear to be very few issues.
EXT bar = a bicycle party?


This is the first Hummer I’ve seen that I actually would like to own! Post peak oil Hummer, maybe?


It would seem the same applies to power – if this was the third world I would expect the power to be fairly erratic, but its not the third world despite the fact some of the wiring looks like it might belong there. But power use here is intensive: a zillion bars, restaurants, izakayas, pachinko parlours & homes all depend on power for their existence (never mind the omnipresent air conditioning required in summer) so there MUST be some kind of reliable avante garde/free form system of expansion in place, because it all works, despite appearances!



I saw what I can only describe as a mondrian power rig the other day, too fleeting to shoot, but it made me think the people who expand these distribution systems are actually artists, and very successful ones at that!





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