Incase it wasnt obvious by my lack of posting, I am back in Japan on a holiday of sorts…. I am working remotely on a New Zealand project where I have to create a sound/music track for a Museum Installation which will play looped for the next ten years. Seriously: TEN YEARS! The track also has to be layered such that both the general background & specific elements can be mixed & triggered in real time by external interactive control… daunting? Yes, at first… but as with anything complex I had to just start by taking one small step, followed by another & slowly some sense is forming. At this stage I am just aiming to generate a demo stereo mix, which I can then break down into layers & elements…. & so far so good… much thanks to the Mac (& digital video) genius of Allan Honey I am able to access my entire sound library remotely while I travel and although I dont yet have a SoundMiner server setup, for now I know my library well enough to find what I need using AudioFinder

Anyway soon I will post a few sonic memorys from my time in Japan, including a visit to the legendary Toho Studios, plus some new recordings from my handy Zoom H2.

2008 is already a busy year. In February I head back to New Zealand to first attend
Soundsplash a brilliant reggae festival set on one New Zealand’s finest beaches (Raglan) and then back to work properly on two films.

The first film is a dialogue driven drama called SHOW OF HANDS, written & directed by Anthony McCarten and scored by Don McGlashan. The second film is called LAUNDRY WARRIOR and is quoted as drawing on “two great milieux, the Samurai movie and the Western”, starring Geoffrey Rush, Kate Bosworth and Korean star Jang Dong-gun, the film is written & directed by Sngmoo Lee and produced by Barrie Osbourne and Tim White.

And then it will be Christmas again! Well, almost…

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