World of Pain



Have you heard about the new dating site?
It’s called WORLD OF PAIN.

just kidding…. my actual world of pain can be summed up in five words:

“Accidentally updated to Big Sur”

with an added pain booster of:

“… without a recent OS backup”


OK you can stop laughing now! JHC!! FFS!!!
How could I be such a fckng dumbass!!


PSA: Stay the fck away from OSX11 Big Sur!!!


Truth be told I thought I was updating to “Catalina” – but enough of the stupid fckng names! I thought I was updating to 10.15. And it was for only one reason: because a dumb Apple app I wanted to use required it. The app store gave me no other option. No access to earlier versions that were compatible with my very stable previous OSX setup. No nothing!

OK then, I thought vaguely, I had heard the nashing of teeth many, many months ago about Catalina… but surely all those problems have been solved already… So where is the latest OSX update that this app so desperately needs? Oh here it is, I’ll go lie on the couch while it installs…

FFS it wasn’t “Catalina” it was OSX 11.2.3



First bad omen?
The dumbass mouse I bought ages ago suddenly went ballistic! While trying to update it I started to get a feeling of dread… The lame as fck Razer mouse I bought based on “user reviews” simply does not work with Big Sur, and likely never will… It got thrown against a wall & smashed, as it should have after the first time it lost the plot when it couldn’t access its settings from ‘the cloud’ (FFS what kind of hardware company develops such a crucial io device that also does not function properly unless it can connect to the cloud? What possible advantage is there for the user that sync to the cloud takes precedence over the basic functionality of saving settings to a local drive? It would be like buying a Telsa car but when out in the desert suddenly discovering the key needed an update and there is no Internet connection to be had. Fck dependence on the cloud! I should have returned that shit mouse to where it came from a long time ago… Note to self: do not ever buy anything ‘Razer’ ever again, or trust a review by a gamer) But I really do not like Apples Magic Mouse – all it does “magically” is give me RSI cramps from being far too low profile for my bass player hands. So I dug an old Apple wired mouse out of the basement, and will suffer with it until I go find a decent replacement. All I want is a fast accurate reliable wired mouse with a reliable scroll wheel…

So after wasting half the day getting fcked off at all of this, I tried to do some work. Boot up ProTools and oh FCK I have no audio interfaces!?! Surely just a driver update is required? Then I think about how my ‘update the drivers for a mouse’ went & I start to wonder if an interface is going to meet its maker fairly shortly. Having switched to MOTU interfaces I can’t blame AVID… I check the MOTU site. OH fckng great! My two main interfaces are not compatible!

Sorry is this Big Sur 11.0.0?

I check again, Big Sur VERSION 11.2.3 – announced June 22 2020 and released to the public Nov 12 2020, over four months ago!

Now I know developers get early warning & access to major OS updates… But four months after public release, neither of my main MOTU interfaces work, at all. Not even a stereo pair of outputs. NOTHING! For Big Sur they simply do not exist. I would literally be back to using the terrible built in audio of my Mac if it wasn’t that I had a couple of old MOTU 828x USB interfaces gathering dust. Class compliance, remember that as a concept?

I am mostly p+ssed off at myself, as I am never an early adopter. I loathe the idea of burning my time trying to make things work that clearly are not ready for amateur hour, let along prime time. Even four months after an official OS release, nothing!

All of this reminds me painfully of some basic truisms, that I got lax and forgot. I dont mind buying a new mouse but I would have thought four months was enough time to develop basic class compliant drivers. Clearly I was wrong.

PSA: Stay the fck away from OSX11 Big Sur!!!



I wasted an hour or so trying various hacks to get that dumb mouse to work. Apart from any other issues, the impression I get is that it seems Apple are now “protecting” the OS by simply not allowing legitimate, verified, user approved drivers to be installed. OSX11 appears to make it very difficult for non-Apple hardware to be used. Is this a cost of popular consumerism?
The Razer mouse now seems to be abandonware as far as OSX goes, but what of the MOTU interfaces? How long does it take to create a solution to this prohibited driver issue? If four months of work does not solve it, what will? I checked AVID as well. Nothing is currently compatible with Big Sur. I don’t imagine Apple are selling many new Macs to pro users at the moment, seeing as nothing external works with them. WTF kind of “Big Sur” is this???



Look at this sh+t:

This is how you get the pro audio devices to work:

Disable SIP:
Click the Apple symbol in the Menu bar.
Click Restart…
Hold down Command-R to reboot into Recovery Mode.
Click Utilities.
Select Terminal.
Type csrutil disable
Press Return or Enter on your keyboard.
Click the Apple symbol in the Menu bar.
Click Restart…
sudo kextload /library/extensions/MOTUProAudio.kext



bingo! back to work…


weird how I just used my scanner,
no new drivers or permissions required.
Worked immediately.



sumimasen, i suspect my ‘world of apple pain’ is just a tiny fraction of the [daily pain intake] of actual developers… thank you for your suffering!
In the meantime apple should trigger a RED ALERT KLAXON any time some one touches a Big Sur upgrade!!





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