XPAN x Natura1600



Before lockdown I went for a walk through the city and blew a roll of Natura 1600, a film stock which is now discontinued and only available via auction of crazy prices.. I usually shoot Natura 1600 in my little Natura S camera as they were built for each other, but as I near the end of access to Natura 1600 I thought I’d have some fun & shoot with my XPAN in colour for a change!

First, the iconic Wellington Library is currently closed due to EQC assessment and fears it would not survive an earthquake… There is a walkway that passes underneath the entrance steps to the library and it is often an interesting area for light & architecture, so a few frames shot there:







Next I drove out to Lower Hutt, visited Dowse Art Gallery & then shot a few frames of the iconic Lower Hutt City Council Buildings. It was a foggy grey day and I love how this shot came out – overexposed diffuse light!



Fujifilm TX2/XPAN2 with Fujifilm Natura 1600


Note to self: bracket some monochrome shots & overexpose some!



The raw scans look great with the full frame scanned:








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