This is the toy I wish I got for Christmas, 1972!!!

Its funny, when you play with it you soon realise the relationship between the shape of the little pieces and the sound they make as its based on the envelope.. except the one that records sound of course… And here it is in use, in the dark:

I picked up one of these Zounds Zizzle from ebay a while back & I’ve had lots of fun with it (put the tempo on lowest possible, turn up the echo, dont use the spiky dumb drum loop module) but the most fun is watching my nieces & nephews interact with it! Actually the same goes for my Kaossilator, although it has some more serious musical uses….

One thought on “Zizzled!

  1. Andrew

    Reminds me of the chess set from Star Wars. Actually, it might be kinda cool to play some type of game using it, and see how the music is affected by the moves and removing/adding pieces.

    Somebody get on that and let me know how it works out!

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