air show – but not heard?!?!!

Don’t get me wrong – i LOVE the sound of air moving, and the more extreme examples are sometimes (but not always) the most interesting to appreciate. So why is it that if you go to an air show, you can be sure to have your ears assaulted by banalities more appropriate to daytime television?? Take this example, a friend photographed last weekend at Whenuapai – as awe inspiring as it is to look at, what do you think it sounded like?

We shall never know

If you are reading this after google searching ‘air show, sounds, amazing’ then your next stop is to complain to whoever you are about to buy a ticket from, to otherwise see (& not hear) some amazing aircraft…. A year or two ago I went to Warbirds Over Wanaka which is in all effect the geographically most awesome air show possible.. and here was me, DAT recorder (hey, it was the 90s) & mics ready to go, but after spending a day there I am not sure I even got to cleanly record half a dozen passbys…. if they didnt have music pumping through the lo fi PA system, they had some commentator commentating…
Please note I am not complaining about the enthusiasts, for it is they who fund such fantastic event.. .but they are smart – broadcast the commentary over some FM band & let the rest of us, with ears open to pure experience, have a PURE EXPERIENCE…. please?

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