An alternative to EBAY for Pro Audio & Synths

Sphere Music is a UK based auction website specifically dealing in vintage electric music instrument auctions; VEIMA and they currently have an auction with a fantastic selection of vintage gear (including many synths) from the sale of a private studio…
The two items that struck me as VERY unique were these two:

The Schlumberger Solartron JM1861 Pseudo Random Signal Generator:

And even rarer, the Korg MS20 Blackboard Edition:

“Here’s probably a unique chance to get one of the rarest synth ever made ! This is a Blackboard KORG MS20 made by KORG in 1978 , for synthesis education. This one was sent by the Japanese KORG Firm for Mr Francis RIMBERT (JM JARRE’s well known musician) for a French synthesiser school. Less than 40 examples were made !! It has been serviced last year by a professional in France, so everything has been checked, and cosmetically is really in very good condition. The keyboard can be replaced into the main panel if you decide you want, but it looks very good like that and it’s great to use like it, and it was made in wood in 1978 as soon as it arrived in France. Big dimensions (1 meter x 0.70 m x 0.12 m for the panel)”

Also in the current auction, theres an MS10, MS20, SQ10, MS02 and the ultimate in the range; the MS50. You better have deep pockets if you want to collect the whole set! Happy bidding!

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