Analogue Drum Machinery

Usually when people use the word analogue they mean ‘not digital” as in electronics, but this drum machine is even more retro than that – we’re talking valves & electro-mechanical hardware… and what a beautiful sound – all that hiss & thuddy beats reminds me of Rhythm & Sound!

Talking about physical drum machines it would be so great if the Drum Buddy was invented in 1947 or something… I bought a Drum Buddy sample LP a few years back (check out the record liner notes) & presumed it was a fictitious device but recently discovered the truth: it was invented by some geezer in 2001 in New Orleans, and is based on light activated sound generators triggered by a physical turntable mechanism (or scratched by manually spinning it). It is hand made to the extent that only 44 units exist!

download Drum Buddy kick drum mp3
download Drum Buddy snare mp3
download Drum Buddy bass mp3
download Drum Buddy space mp3

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