Animation… and some technological oddities..

I’m always intrigued to see what animated short films are nominated for an Oscar and this year it seems the selection is stronger than ever, with a pleasant absence of overly cute, overtly CG shorts… in fact there is only one CG short nominated & its rather good, but judge for yourself before those Oscar people do for you… Heres a low rez youtube version of the French CG short:

Oh, and the oddities? Check out some of the musical weirdness from NAMM this year here, such as the Planter Sub – a subwoofer for your garden….

Its my last day in Japan today, boo hoo… I’m about to head into Osaka to do my last minute shopping… Relatedly the only music/sound gadget I have picked up this time around is a Korg Kaossilator! I was skeptical of how much use/fun these things could be (and the terrible youtube videos of people making bad techno etc with them didnt go far to convince me) but after playing with one in a music store for half an hour I decided to buy one, then & there. Except I couldnt as they are sold out everywhere in Japan (this says a lot about the price/feature/fun factor of this device), no new stock until April! As there was no way the store was parting with the one demo model they had left, I returned home & after doing a quick search on the interweb, sure enough managed to buy one from a store in NZ. So hopefully its waiting in my postal box when I get off the plane back in Wellingtron…

The aspects that induced instant purchase were (1) fun – plug it into an amp, turn it up loud & you can jam with it! No messing around waiting for plugins/samples to load or applications to boot up ie instant gratifiation! (2) it sounds good! Maybe this aspect might prove to be more limited than the initial impression, but it felt like this dinky little device could generate some useable sounds, especially via a few stomp boxes etc… (3) the concept of note/scale restriction is very interesting to me & its something I plan to get my head around in ableton LIVE, but for now that little scratch pad provides some nice user selectable restrictions (4) it can run on batteries & might well find itself roped into use by the nine volt orchestra™ In a week or three I’ll post whether these factors actually add up to the Kaossilator being a keeper…
Heres a demo, you will just have to suspend your disbelief as to its application to whatever style of music you like/make as opposed to what the demo geezer generates….

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