Archiving Family Photos & Documents

a Q for archivists:
I have volunteered to become our family archivist and will be scanning all photos & negs, starting from late 1800s/early 1900s… I’m fine with the tech side of it (scanning, metadata, naming, backup etc) but can you recommend any good articles or resources to check my process & identify my blindspots?
Aiming to get it right from the start… I’ve asked the same Q on twitter, tagging a couple of local archivists which one replied with this useful link:

Caring for collections guides

I am primarily focused on the film photos, negatives and 8mm film. For digital material, I will set up an automated system where anyone in the family can email a photo to a specific archive email address. And that will then add the photo to the archive, along with as much info and metadata as is available. The only bugbear: beware of apps that strip metadata etc eg photos shared via WhatsApp have no creation date or time stamp, or location.



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