Beautiful packaging!

I don’t quite see the point of the photos people post of unboxing their new synth/toy/whatever… at best they are crappy cardboard boxes and at worst an environmental hazard (i especially hate those polystyrene beads!) and at least big chunks of polystyrene can serve a sonic purpose: if you want to isolate something resonant so it can ‘ring’ when hit, then polystyrene is perfect. I discovered this when I went to an exhibition ages ago & the (sound) artist had built a playable sculpture using those rods builders use to reinforce concrete. He had cut them to different lengths so they were tuned, and he provided little drum sticks with piano hammers on the end of them to play with, but I noticed how all the metal rods were lieing on blocks of polystyrene… and the rods rang like bells! I’ve tried the exact same with many things, including metal pipes too big & heavy to lift…

Anyway, back to the subject; I came across this beautiful packing for a hearing aid, check it out:

Widex hearing aid packing found here

Which lets me segue into a joke I read on the ableton forum:

An old couple are in church singing hymns. The old man says to the old lady “Oh no, I just let out a silent but very very smelly fart… what should I do?” The old lady says “Get new batteries for your hearing aid.”

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