No, not some new fangled kawii (but actually lame) google autonomous car… A carpod is actually my pretty dreadful name for Ansel Adams use of a car roof as a tripod raiser… But look at it – what a genius idea!


But case in point, that previous photo….


That photo of a sculpture on the waterfront would have been much ‘better’ if I had been able to shoot from ‘slightly above’ head height – in fact a step ladder would have done… but I am already a chronic over-packer, so if a step ladder actually did fall out of camera bag I am sure my GF would just shrug her shoulders & point at it every time I complained about excess baggage charges…. But as that photo shows the sculpture actually leans out over the water & when looking through the EVF of my x100s it would so very easy to take one step too many… hence the closer shot – I don’t mind getting wet, but it would be a horribly expensive swim!

I have started searching for a roof rack for my 4WD though…

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