Chilli progress

Wildfire chilli plants are loaded with chillis!!

Scotch Bonnet chilli

not chilli, but first time I’ve managed to grow rock melons… and the plant has 4 fruit at the moment…

also not chilli, but this shiso plant has grown about 5ft tall!

My big greenhouse is like a jungle – you almost need a machete to get through it!

passionfruit plant grew right up & over the roof of the greenhouse…

We are now on water restrictions (due to water leaks in Wellington water system) so I can’t use any automated sprinklers etc… Its a great way top have a half hour break from working ie go do a pass through the entire garden carefully watering the roots of each plant… And when we get some rain, its a day off from watering… well, for the main garden – rain does not reach inside the two tunnelhouses….

It is a delicious time of year, picking everything for a delicious fresh salad every day for dinner!

As its my first time growing chilli I am also having to learn about each stage as it happens… So I mostly got my seedlings off to a good start, and now monitoring for ripeness. But also read that when they are ready, if you pick chills more will grow… And some chill plants can survive over winter if kept in a greenhouse.. So thats my challenge for this winter!



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