Detritus 100


“Fifteen uncoupled simple pendulums of monotonically increasing lengths dance together…. ”
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> Time goes, you say? Ah no, alas, time stays, we goSam Burford creates works of genius, compressing the duration & media of films into sculptures & new images….


> Basically channelled: Homage a Maurizio by Textural Being on the dub techno blog….
and on soundcloud


> These cinemagraphs are so beautifully conceived & executed, I especially like this one – it feels like a film I’d like to see:




> So you think you have a big sound library? Apple just bought 12PB (petabytes!)


> A simple guide to living on the cloud


> An interesting read: Rethinking Music


> Michael Moores salient thoughts on Osama Bin Ladens death


>The new Ryuichi Sakamoto/Alva Noto album Summvs is quite simply gorgeous!



> Mmmm interesting music blog worth a look/listen: The box and the ghost in it


> Zadie Smiths philosophical review of The Social Network movie is deeply fascinating:
Generation why? Indeed, it questions a lot more than just the movie – essential reading!


> 100 posts of detritus huh? When I posted the first one ages ago the idea of posting 100 would have seemed highly unlikely… Weirdly it coincides with finishing the mix of the Cirque 3D project… Started final mix Monday 2nd May, 12 days ago, and in those 12 days I clocked in 142 hours of work! For people who work a 40 hour week thats like doing three and a half weeks work in 12 days non stop! Exhausted? That would be an understatement…. But as I know from previous experience, when you finally reach the end of a BIG deadline there soon follows a flood of inspired & personally important ideas, as all the projects & seeds of ideas that have been suppressed while obsessing over the deadline resurface…. Hallelujah! Let freedom reign! (Going outside during daylight hours has some novelty too!!)


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  1. Andreasfr

    I just wanna thank you for your “Detritus” posts. I read them all and they always inspire me somehow.

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