Detritus 139


> Eno: Composers as Gardeners



“The Echo Temple included six monolithic speaker towers with motion tracking cameras encircling a central tower including subwoofers. Participants standing in front of the monoliths were able to manipulate a different melodic instrument’s volume, pitch or unique audio effect by moving their body and waving fans branded with special symbols. The central tower produced the core of the mix: drums, bass, drones and the main harmonic progressions, and had architectural bamboo that could be tapped to trigger percussive sounds within the mix.

The installation’s technology combined Ableton Live, Cycling74 Max and ReacTIVision. Cameras in each tower were fed into embedded systems running a custom build of ReacTIVision which tracked both symbols as well as body movement and camera activity. This was all sent to MaxMSP, which in turn was used to transform the raw input into meaningful musical control information for Live.”

more info here including screenshots of their Max patch


> Fascinating projects involving textiles & sound by Berit Greinke


> Japanese bug fights – yes, you read that right! Brutal!!



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