Detritus 14

> Ambiences through 15,000 speakers? Sounds like more fun than the Disneyland that you think you know… & interesting use of white noise to seperate locations & their soundtracks…


> myspace falling traffic = 100 million less from advertising? Ouch! I’ve seen brand new TV series pulled from primetime for far, far less than that…..


> Speaking of ads – if you want to watch a youtube video without all the ads & links, try this


> Album stamps for the UK – nice one! I look forward to seeing Tall Dwarf stamps in NZ


> iPhone apps for Film/TV industry, including timecode calculators, action logging & sun position!


> A youtube video that breaks your browser? You have to go there to see it…


> Business cards are so old school nowadays, but I think it pays to have one – especially if attending conferences, workshops or travelling…. And how could you not love this one for a piano store? No doubt the synthi version is on its way…


>I still haven’t done the PT8 upgrade (its on my list for downtime in January) but heres a handy list of the 3 most annoying ProTools 8 bugs…. eg Performing any of the following tasks WILL ERASE YOUR UNDO HISTORY…. WTF???


> Ever felt like time travelling back to the 1950s so you could play in an electroacoustic studio? Now you virtually can with Berna! Check the review at Waveformless blog, & check out the demo:


> I really like the concept of the Buddha Machine – I own two of the first gen ones… But, why is there not a solid state version? One that I can upload my own loops to? Its just a tiny MP3 looper, amp & speaker, surely? Well, in the meantime you can always try the virtual wall of Buddha Machines or the iPhone app


> John Cage performs Water Walk on TV in 1960 (skip to 05.43 if you are the impatient sort)


> Best 100 jazz albums?


> Listen to lightning with a Tesla Radio aka crystal radio (& make your own)


> Tonewheel optical synthesis – a history….

One thought on “Detritus 14

  1. Sébastien Orban

    First time I see John Cage – as in his writting, he seem to be funny, not at all the very serious composer picture we have in mind. But since I don’t know him very much, I’m probably wrong 🙂

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