Detritus 15

> Phew what a busy week… I finally finished 3 months work & output all the ambiences & effects for the premix of Taika Waititis film BOY starting next week. My monster ProTools session saved self-contained is 43.5GB, not counting the Quicktimes!! I thankfully have a fibre connection to the mix stage at Park Road Post & it only took 20 minutes to transfer 55GB across the network! Gotta love technology – that would have taken days a few years ago! So next week is dialogue predub in one theatre & atmos predub in the other… Following week is foley & FX predubs, week 3 is final mix, week 4 is screening, fixes & print master… And then its pretty close to Xmas and the end of another year! So dont be surprised if my posting gets a bit erratic as my free time becomes a scarce commodity… But mixing? Serious fun!!!!


>Surprising results in the New Digital Music Software Popularity Ranking – ProTools number 1, ableton LIVE number 6!


> A handy battery life comparison between 16 portable/handheld recorders



> Waves released LoAir; a subharmonic synth plugin (Native US$100, TDM US$130) Once I get some free time in the studio I will do a direct comparison between a real DBX Subharmonic Synth 120XP, the LowEnder plugin and Waves LoAir… LowEnder coincidentally just released freestanding native versions for Mac VST/AU and Windows VST – check it out here, or my review of it here


> Whats after the credits? A handy site to check if there are extra scenes after the credits…


> Three reasons why people fail (hint: passion, faith & learning nail them)



> Funny artwork from LP covers



> I’m buying a lottery ticket this weekend and when I win I am buying a Synthi from this Veima Auction although if I win the top prize I might get this Synthi 100 as well (starting bid US$45,000) My other picks would be the Quantec QRS Reverb (I have a few lovely IRs from one) and somewhat more afforable; this very cool Tim Kaiser Circuit Bent Delay


> MaxforLIVE is now in public beta & already we’re seeing some excellent applications ported, for examples Strettas Obo as well as StepFilter and Polygome. I fully appreciate open source projects, but I also really hope he and the many others who will undoubtedly develop & evolve creative MaxforLIVE plugins receive the rewards they deserve!
Also worth bookmarking/subscribing to is Nick Rothwells MaxforLIVE site which is to become “an online library of free Max for Live Devices” – excellent! These are very exciting times for ableton LIVE users!

7 thoughts on “Detritus 15

  1. jeff p

    just read about your monster effects session. Was it that size at 24/48 or 24/96? Huge no matter what but I am just wondering.

  2. tim Post author

    the session going to the mix is 24/48… I always record FX and ambiences 24/96 so i can pitch them etc without grain, but my work sessions are 24/48… I’ll post a screenshot of it – obviously I haven’t consolidated the source files so if eg I originally recorded 4 minutes of an ambience & only used 20 seconds of it, then the session contains the full file as a sourcefile…. I don’t feel comfortable consolidating files until the mix is 100% finished & its time to output deliveries…. It also contains all of the OMF (ie all prod audio, in sync ex Avid) on hidden muted tracks, as inevitably someone asks: “what does the production audio sound like there?”

  3. jeff p

    cool. I have also begun to do all my recordings at higher sample rates and importing them into sessions without converting them to 48khz. Then I speed them up with pitch n time pro. I am always working on serious time/budget constraints so I usually limit this to very important sounds.

    A little movie I did over the summer mixed at Danetracks and when I had the opportunity to talk to Dane (very nice man) he told me everything was being recorded at 192khz in house.

    It would be a challenge for me to step away from 48khz effects completely but I took this to heart and intend on trying to get as much “hd” sound in my library as I can.

    Are you also mixing “boy”? or just there for stage support.

  4. tim Post author

    I LOVE hearing all the elements we have spent 3 months preparing become a soundtrack, in context with everything else – now THAT is serious fun to me!!

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